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  • Atlanta attorney newest board certified attorney in medical malpractice by the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys

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  • McMasters Keith, Inc., receives national certification as a Women's Business Enterprise

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  • Lawfirm succesfully defends hos- pital in a 9 day trial

    On 10-6-11, Beth McMasters and Ashley Butler obtained a defense verdict for their client hospital in a case involving management of a premature birth complicated with incidental decapitat- ion of the infant.

    Plaintiff alleged improper nursing assessment and intervention, failure to follow hospital policies and procedures, failure to follow the patient's plan of care and failure to properly attend the patient when birth was imminent.

    After 9 days of trial, the jury found for the hospital on all counts. Plaintiff had sought in excess of $18 million in compensatory damages, plus was given a punitive instruction by the Court.

Legal Updates
  • Three orthopedic surgeons suc- cessfully defended after accused of failing to diagnose illness

    On 4-20-11, Beth McMasters and Ashley Butler successfully defended three orthopedic surgeons in a case involving postoperative management of a tibial fracture leading to 26 add- itional operations due to compart- ment syndrome.

    They also represented an emergency medicine doctor who was voluntarily dismissed during trial.

    Plaintiff alleged failure to diagnose the condition in a timely manner, leading to significant lower extremity injury. Plaintiff sought nearly $7 million from all defendants.